Worship Seminar: The Power of the Dove

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Living in the Gentle Power of the Holy Spirit

This 5-part teaching is for the whole church. A practical, inspiring series that brings together details of the ministry of The Comforter–our Helper, our Counselor, our Paraclete–“the One who comes along side–the Spirit of Truth, the gentle Dove of Heaven.  The third person of the Holy Trinity dwells within the believer and is ever present to empower us to be witnesses to the Gospel.  Through Him we can live holy lives and be that productive branch on the True Vine Jesus promised us.  Check out the topics and the flow of biblical truth                                                                   

Part One: The In-dwelling Spirit—Living under the New Covenant                                        

Part Two: Spirit-led Prayer—Living in the Father’s Care                                            

Part Three: Spirit-led Worship—Living in the Kingdom of God                                              

Part Four: Spirit-empowered Witness—Living out the Kingdom of God       

 Part Five: The Path of Life—Living in Your Anointing

This presentation can unfold on a Friday/Saturday/Sunday weekend special event.  Imagine the difference this teaching can make!

Worship Seminar: The Power of the Dove

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