Worship Artistry Seminar: A Heart of Praise

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Artistry: The Heart

A Heart of Praise

Music in the Power of the Spirit

Times Have Changed.

In the old days before the Praise and Worship Renewal, churches had music departments. Sometimes there was so much ego and strife under the surface leaders secretly called them “war departments.” When music leadership and those they led began to minister to the Lord with worship and not just to people, a new element was needed—humility! We discovered the truth that “God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble.” A worship team full of selfishness, strife, and division simply cannot be used of God to the maximum effect.

Leaders need to lead.

They need to teach the fundamentals of music and the spirituality of music. Music is a gift from God. He invented it. It is the principle art of public worship. Singing the same praise or prayer at the same time binds worshipers together ONE, just as Jesus prayed we would be in John 17.

With the “A Heart of Praise” seminar, I condense years and years of pastoral experience and Bible study into two teaching sessions. This presentation is perfect for worship team or choir retreats where there are other items on the schedule. The beauty of this for the local leader is that I get to say and teach things that the leader wants to say but usually can’t without offending the ones who need the teaching most.
Seminar Content

A HEART OF PRAISE—Music Ministry in the Power of the Holy Spirit


  • The Importance of Music
  • The Power and Work of the Holy Spirit

A Biblical Overview of Music/Worship Ministry

  • From a heart of praise we sing.—the biblical motivation for worship
  • From a heart of praise we sing…the biblical ministry of worship music
  • From a heart of praise we sing…the biblical method of worship music

The Ministry of the Christian Musician: Vocalist and Instrumentalist

  • The musician (vocal and instrumental) has a special place in the heart and plan of god.
  • Make music to God from your heart.
  • Make music with others.
  • Keep music ministry on a heart level.
  • Give the next generation a chance to become god’s anointed musicians!
  • Let’s follow the biblical examples of true worshipers:

Difficult Issues
Let me deal with the difficult issues of leading vocalists and instrumentalists—pride, jealousy, envy, lack of preparation, inconsistency—from a biblical point of view. I want to inspire them to develop the opposites of these problems—humility, joy in the gifts of others, love of preparation, and consistency in ministry. These things bring the anointing and produce a bonding effect that builds your team from the inside out.

My desire is for you to have a platform filled with humble, passionate, lovers of God who are being actively assisted in ministry by the power of the Holy Spirit. How can this be? Because God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble and because the goals of your team agree with the purposes of the Spirit. As is stated in A Heart of Praise:


Musicians who want to sing and play with the Power of the
Holy Spirit, need to be in agreement with the Purposes
of the Holy Spirit.


A Heart of Praise is perfect for a weekend retreat setting or worship team/choir and orchestra workshop. I can then stay over Sunday morning preach a sermon to inspire your congregation to deeper worship both privately and in the sanctuary.

Companion Books for the A Heart of Praise Seminar

Each book is currently available for $5.00 in PDF form as a download.   Order directly from the author (Make check payable to Steve Phifer and send to 1400 Laurel Branch Place, Bartow FL 33830. Be sure to include a return address.)
Flexible Scheduling available!

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Semper Reformanda!
Stephen Phifer

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Worship Artistry Seminar: A Heart of Praise

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