“Truth Has Fallen in the Streets” Part One

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“Truth has fallen in the streets.” The ancient words of the Prophet Isaiah ring tragically true today.

How can young, educated students and their supposedly informed teachers embrace the hate and deceit of Adolph Hitler?

The truth is this: Jews have blessed every nation where they have lived. As a people, they are creative, industrious, transgenerational, merciful, and law abiding. Without their influence America would still be bound in the 19th century. Do we realize their impact on our culture? film? theatre? science? industry? commerce? literature? and so much more.

To finish the prophet’s lament, Isa 59:15 “So truth fails, And he who departs from evil makes himself a prey.” NKJV

There is no reason to fear the Jews! They were created by the Lord to bless the earth and for 3000 years they have done that only to be hated by those who have been blessed by them.

Is this not proof of the reality of evil and the mind-numbing power of deceit?

Consider these facts.

Do not be deceived.

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Semper Reformanda!

Stephen Phifer, October 22, 2023

"Truth Has Fallen in the Streets" Part One

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