The Master of Arts In Worship Studies

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Integrity: Worship Studies

The Master of Arts in Worship Studies

The University of Valley Forge


At one time worship study was considered a branch of music study. This is no longer the case. Major Christian universities across America are now offering advance degrees in Christian Worship. The study of worship is a theological one involving biblical studies, historical studies, as well as artistic studies.

Are you looking for an online Masters Degree that will enhance your ministry? Consider the Master of Arts in Worship Studies at The University of Valley Forge. This is not a Music Degree! This is a practical, biblical program available completely online.

This is a biblical studies program for those in worship leadership and the Pastor is the Lead Worshiper of the whole church!

Catch the details at on the University of Valley Forge website.

Let me give you a quick summary:

The Theology Core

  • Introduction to Worship Studies
  • Biblical Foundations of Worship
  • Historical Foundations of Worship
  • Pentecostal Spirituality
  • Pastoring a Worshiping Community

You will complete your studies with electives on one of two tracks:
Worship Leader Track

  • Worship Leading
  • Developing and Leading the Worship Team
  • Worship Practicum
  •  Approved Graduate Level Electives of your choice

Lead Worshiper Track

  • Lead Pastor-Lead Worshiper
  • Worship Practicum
  • Approved Graduate Level Electives of your choice

The Capstone Applied Research Project
The Master of Arts in Worship Studies degree is completed with the Captsone Applied Research Project. This is a major document designed to solve a pressing ministry challenge.

The Lead Pastor is really the Lead Worshiper.
Pastor Friend, what you do is lead worship! You lead the worship leader and the worship team. You lead the people in the act of worship. You even lead private worship by equipping an encouraging your people to spend time with God every day. There are biblical principles that can guide you in the processes of change—advancing the Kingdom God peacefully through unity of heart and the consensus of the spirit.

Worship Studies is now recognized as a separate academic discipline—is it what God has for you!

Semper Reformanda!
Stephen Phifer

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The Master of Arts In Worship Studies

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