About Dr. Stephen Phifer

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I have a passion for the Lord Jesus Christ and for His Church. His true Church is not the product of human organization and it is not advanced by human means. As Isaac Watts’ great hymn declares, the church is universal. “His Kingdom stretch(es) from shore to shore!”

I want to see the worship of the church renewed according to the timeless truths of the Bible. These are the truths that set people free to worship.  All in all, I want to be a encourager!  This world is full of discouraging forces and people and situations. I want to do what I can to counter those negative forces with truth from the Word!  Come on, everybody–let’s live for Jesus!

You’ll want to know something about me.

I am a third-generation minister with more than four decades of experience as a pastoral artist, worship leader, songwriter, and conductor. I am also a teacher and writer. I hold bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Music Education from the University of Arkansas at Monticello (1971) and Wichita State University (1986), and a Doctor of Worship Studies from the Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies (2004.) These days I am developing means to distribute my creative output.  Watch for more details on this shortly!

My mission is to search the Word of God for the revelation of why and how God wants to be worshiped by His people and to report these things to my beloved colleagues in leadership and my brother and sister worshipers.

I have three causes:

(1) RENEWAL: I believe in Worship Renewal through a return to classic Christian disciplines of daily worship (praise and worship, prayer, Scripture reading) and the re-establishment of a Christian life-style of joy, holiness and productivity.

(2) REFORMATION: I want to see public Worship Reformed according to the principles and commands of the Bible, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

(3) REVIVAL: I long to see a Worship Revival as the people of God emerge from the confines of our Sanctuaries and traditions to impact our world through Spirit-empowered living, through sharing the Jesus story with those we meet and by reflecting His glory through our lives and the work of our hands.

You’ll notice that I have a “refrain;” Semper Reformanda!, which means “always reforming.” In other words the work of Worship Renewal is never completed by any one generation or group. Today is our day to renew our love for the Lord. We must continue to seek the face of God, to hear His Word and to boldly obey.

So, let’s talk! Contact me

  • by phone: (863) 512-3671
  • by snail mail: 1400 Laurel Branch Place, Bartow, FL 33830 or
  • by email: drstevephifer@gmail.com

Semper Reformanda!

Dr. Stephen Phifer