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It is my great joy and challenge to write and post daily devotions for my brothers and sisters in the Lord. I have been at this task for number of years now, enough to have finished a complete year of topical devotions posted at The reception to these devotions has been most rewarding and from time to time I see them reposted in various places.

The Source
In December of 2017 I began writing narrative devotions telling The Jesus Story one day at a time for a full year. I posted the winter series, “The Christmas Story” and “Mark’s Gospel” in December, 2017 and January/February, 2018. I stayed at this task all of 2018 and completed The Jesus Story devotional. It continues into its second year in 2019.

One of the challenges of writing dated devotions is the fact that unlike Christmas, Holy Week is not the same each year. To solve that problem I composed a special Holy Week series of devotions from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday which can be used on the appropriate dates each year.

The special emphasis of 2019 is on telling the Jesus Story all year so I will not be posting the Holy Week series this year. This PDF publication contains those devotions for your use this week. I hope they are a blessing to you.

My great joy would be to have you as a regular reader!
It is simple to sign up and is completely free. Simply log on to and press “Follow” where indicated and you will receive a notice by email each day. After the introductory section you will find today’s devotion. I notice that many people will keep going back in time to read other devotions! I love that!—Especially when they send me a comment. I always try to answer each comment.

Each day of Holy Week is a separate post found linked to this page.

Be blessed, my friend, by The Jesus Story!

<em>Semper Reformanda!</em>
<em>Stephen Phifer</em>

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