Worship Renewal Center

I believe there are three roads to Revival:
1. The RENEWAL of personal Spirituality (Integrity)
2. The biblical REFORMATION of public worship (Artistry) and,
3. The REVIVAL of the fiery heart. (Ministry)

The Scriptural language for these three roads are these passages:
The Renewal of Spirituality: The Path of Life (Psalm 16)
The Biblical Reformation of Public Worship: The Highway of the Lord (Isaiah 40)
The Spiritual Revival of the Burning Heart: The Road to Emmaus (Luke 24)

The articles found on the Worship Renewal Center Page will be organized around these three roads.

Revival, bringing something that is dead back to life again, is something only God can do. So we pray and wait.

But Renewal and Reformation (making something old new again) (reshaping some that has become marred) are things we can do. We need no “word from the Lord” telling us to renew our prayer lives and the integrity of our daily living. We do not need to build a highway for ourselves to meed our needs. We need to do as King David did and search the Scriptures to find out how God wants to be worshiped. We have the Book; let’s consult it!

When we have Renewed or are renewing our passion for God Himself and when we are Reforming our community worship arts to the glory of His name, then we are candidates for the Revival we all want to see and God wants to send.

If you share my heart for the church and for this hurting world, explore these pages with me.

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Semper Reformanda!
Stephen Phifer