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Love Steve Phifer!  A true servant’s heart! He taught me so many things as I sat in the orchestra at Suncoast. I am blessed to have been under his teaching and leadership and oh, did we have a wonderful time leading others into praise and worship!  A grateful servant taught by another grateful servant!  Julie Farber, French Horn, St. Petersburg, FL.

“I would like to highly recommend Dr. Steve Phifer to your church or ministry. His Biblically balanced approach to teaching undergirded with a rich Pentecostal touch was a great benefit to our discipleship process.” – Rev. Daniel R. Day, Lead Pastor of First Assembly in New Port Richey FL.

“Steve Phifer has a wonderful heart for ministry and a passion for worship renewal. I have found him to be articulate and convicting about his insight on the direction of worship ministry in the 21st century.” Vern Sanders, Publisher, CREATOR Magazine

“Dr. Steve Phifer is a gifted speaker who communicates with great passion.  His years of scholarship and ministry experience in the area of worship results in anointed presentations.  His seminars are always relevant because they focus on the unchanging truths found in the Scriptures.  I highly recommend his ministry to your worship team and congregation!” Dr. Billy DeSanto Chair, Music Department – University of Valley Forge

“Steve Phifer has impacted so many lives through the years, including mine. His knowledge of the Word of God, his musical expertise, and his passion for serving Jesus and others make for a powerful combination in helping the world experience God.”  Michael Neale, Dove Award-Winning Songwriter, National Best-Selling Author and Lead Worship Pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, TX

Dr. Stephen Phifer has turned into my go-to window when I want to look into the world of Pentecostal worship. He brings to the academic task a solid, integrative perspective born from decades of experience in worship leadership, a biblical sensitivity, and a willingness to learn from the broader Christian tradition.” Dr. Lester Ruth, Research Professor of Christian Worship, Duke Divinity School, Durham, North Carolina

Dr. Steve Phifer is one of those guys that you quickly realize has a sincere and caring desire for what he teaches, writes, and all around exhorts. His book, Worship That Pleases God, quickly became one of my favorites in the beginning of my doctoral studies. His understanding and expertise on the subject of worship is one to be ‘taken advantage of.'” Luke Gambill, Creative Director Brentwood-Benson Music (a div. of Capitol Christian Music Group)

“I have been blessed many times over with the wisdom and knowledge of Steve Phifer’s writings and teachings. He is a solid man of faith, the Word, and wisdom. EVERYONE will benefit from this ministry. It is a must have resource!” Rev. Cyd Collischonn, Director of Creative Arts, Calvary Assembly of God, Cobleskill, MY.

“Depth of scripture, depth of thought and depth of passion are rare commodities these days, and even more rare to find all three embodied in one individual. With now 30 years of journey, I have never not (sorry Steve, double negative just says it best) experienced the evidence of all three in the words and writings of Dr. Steve Phifer.” John R. Bost, President Master Counsel & Associates, Inc.

“Dr. Steve Phifer is a man after God’s own heart, loving God with all he has within him. He epitomizes the concept of a “kneeing theology,” doing theological reflection from an attitude of prayer and devotion, with a heart of worship. There is no better endorsement and no higher calling.  He leads a straight path to the throne of God that is paved with prayer and praise. His unique style will grab your attention and beg for more. I encourage you to open the door for his ministry at your church.”  Rev. Bob Brock
Steve, (in reference to The Path of Life Daily Devotions)
As a former English teacher, I would just like to post that I enjoy your writings every day for several reasons. They always start with a strong thesis statement and then follow and explain it throughout. The entire writing is cohesive and coherent, which makes it easy to follow and to understand for anyone who chooses to read it for his/her spiritual welfare for the day. …Your paragraphs flow easily from one to the next with ease, gently taking the reader from one point to the next, which allows us to want to continue reading until the end. Well done!! I like your order of writing and that you end with the hymn. It speaks well of your knowledge of music and helps us to remember a good deal of our knowledge of it as well. Your entire piece of writing is done in a pleasing, gentle manner and I assure you, many of us enjoy it daily. Durinda Gordon Gammil, Retired Writing Teacher

Bring Dr. Phifer in!  He does a great job and your people will be blessed! Pastor Larry D. Richmond, Family Worship Center, Brazil, IN

Dr. Stephen Phifer is the consummate pastoral musician. Throughout his multi-faceted ministry career he has served as worship leader, arranger, conductor, author, professor and, perhaps more relevant, distinguished mentor. He is widely regarded for his presence on social media. That said, I would like to emphasis not only his prolific scholarship but his care and concern for our fellow guides into the presence of the LORD. Clearly Dr. Phifer understands the Biblical presupposition, “Its not by might not by power, but by the Spirit,” says the Lord of Hosts. I urge you to check out his writings for they will not only enrich your life but augment your ministry effectiveness. Tom McDonald, Ph.D. Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Steve Phifer is an accomplished musician and gifted teacher, with a deep insight into Biblical concepts of worship. I have enjoyed hearing him deliver these truths in a personal style that includes a quick wit and knowledge of history…I highly recommend Dr. Steve Phifer! Darlene Greenlee..CTN Network Producer-Host


Nice Words from Wonderful People

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