Loose Him and Let Him Go

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For Lead Pastors and Worship Leaders

Do You Understand how to Lead Christian Artists?

I believe we are about to see a Renaissance of the Worship Arts as an expression of the Latter-Day Outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  Pastors need to know how to lead artists!  We are not like other people! God has called us to lives of the careful observation of and the skillful presentation of His truth in creative ways.


Based on more than 40 years experience of working with Christian Artists: Singers, Instrumentalists, Technicians, Writers, Actors, Directors, Dancers, and Visual Artist of all media.


Presented in Two Parts, Loose Him and Let Him Go deals first with the individual artist using the biblical image of Lazarus raised from the dead but still bound by graveclothes until his friends release him to his new life.  In the second part, Dr. Phifer shares his proven plan for organizing the creative community with the church for the purposes of ministry.

This is the central truth behind this book:

Truth flows from the heart of God; truth from the heart of man. When these two rivers flow as ONE, Light overcomes darkness and some broken bit of creation is restored.

Shouldn’t your church be the most creative place in town?

Loose Him and Let Him Go

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