Holy Week: Saturday

April 11, 2020 Steve Phifer 0

Saturday Tombs Tombs, when they are closed, hold their secrets. Stories are finished whether they had a chance to end or not. Voices are stilled, […]

Holy Week: Friday

April 10, 2020 Steve Phifer 0

Friday Calvary Tools of the Trade The Roman implements of torture and execution were tools of the trade for the soldiers of the Empire. Iron […]

Holy Week: Thursday

April 9, 2020 Steve Phifer 0

Thursday Trials  Irony of ironies: Jesus the Good, Jesus the Righteous, Jesus the Just—standing in the judgment halls of bad men, sinful men, and unjust […]

Holy Week: Wednesday

April 8, 2020 Steve Phifer 0

Wednesday Gethsemane Alone Like the full Passover moon overhead, an angel from heaven stood watch in Gethsemane.  The sleeping disciples were scattered throughout the grove […]

Holy Week: Tuesday

April 7, 2020 Steve Phifer 0

Tuesday Supper Unable to speak, walls are mute witnesses to what happens within them. They merely hold up the ceiling, hold out the weather, and […]

Holy Week: Monday

April 6, 2020 Steve Phifer 0

Bethany It was a large house, signifying wealth, but it was also a warm and welcoming house, signifying wealth of a more substantial kind. Martha […]