The Citizen Soldier

June 6, 2019 Steve Phifer 0

America has always been defended by citizen soldiers Some were professionals charged with the vocation of national defense, but most were soldiers of a different […]


May 19, 2019 Steve Phifer 0

A Life-lesson from a Song The Crucial Difference It takes a good eye to see the difference between worth and worthlessness. It takes a good […]

Church Fire!

April 20, 2019 Steve Phifer 0

Integrity Artistry Church Fire! An Unexpected Comparison “Apples and Oranges!” Some are sure to say this when I juxtapose any other church in the world […]


April 16, 2019 Steve Phifer 0

Integrity Spirituality Spirit-Walk Antidote for a World Gone Wild The Path of Life vs. the Facts of Life I have heard language on broadcast television […]

Phifer Book Sale

February 7, 2019 Steve Phifer 0

Tired of searching for articles of interest to you in the index? Let me help with these books.  Some are through-composed books on the topic […]