The Watershed

October 30, 2016 Steve Phifer 2

Ministry: Wisdom The Watershed Psalm 103:1-5 NJKV Bless the Lord, O my soul; And all that is within me, bless His holy name! Bless the […]

The Rock Is Still Solid

October 29, 2016 Steve Phifer 0

Ministry: Importance (Author’s Note: This essay was written during the 2016 election.  However, it seems the national situation has not improved. Please adjust for the […]

Does It Matter?

October 29, 2016 Steve Phifer 0

Ministry: Impact Does It Matter? Ten Amazing Things that Happen When the Church Gathers to Worship Dealing with Troubled Times Fueled by the evil, unreasoning […]

Come (Back) Together!

October 27, 2016 Steve Phifer 2

Ministry: Unity Come (Back) Together! Is the Theology of “Dividing the House” Passing? Come together! Come together! Come together, in Jesus’ Name Jesus People come […]

My Genesis Moment

October 24, 2016 Steve Phifer 2

Ministry: Legacy My Genesis Moment Everybody Starts Somewhere The Genesis Moment There comes a moment in every artist’s life when the playful interests of childhood begin […]