14 Days on the Mountain

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Processing the Sermon on the Mount

I consider the Sermon on the Mount to be the Constitution of the Kingdom of God.  In three chapters, Matthew 5-7, Jesus gives us the rules and promises of the Christian life.  When we, the People of God, live by these rules in the name of Jesus, the powerful promises of God take effect in our lives.  In the words of the Lord’s conclusion of this mountaintop of truth, we build our lives on the Rock, Christ Jesus, and the inevitable storms of life may rage against us, but our lives will not yield to the winds and waves. Only here can we find security in the storm.

When I set about to write TheJesusStory devotions, I wanted to describe the events in Jesus’ life in realistic terms.  This was a delightful challenge to my story-telling skills. I would “see” the action on the movie screen of my mind and describe the unfolding events.  It was a most rewarding experience.  However, there were some real challenges.  Chief among them were the extended sections in the Gospels were there was no action–it was all teaching!  These became more like sermonettes than short short stories.  The Sermon on the Mount was first among these sections.  In March of 2023 as I reviewed and presented each day’s devotion, the importance of these three chapters seemed to be pressed on my spirit.  My country, The United States of America, needs for the New Covenant People of God to rise to the challenge of our Spiritual Constitution!  We must live this supernatural life Jesus commanded us to live!

I took the 14 devotions from the Path of Life website and re-presented them in print.  I am offering the resulting document to anyone who will request it by email as a PDF.  I added an opening essay, “Too Far Down the Mountain,” expressing the inevitable tragedy of Christians, both leaders and lay-persons, who have settled too far from Jesus to hear and obey His teaching.  In conclusion, I added an extended essay on the opposite truth–those who hear and obey His words.  We become, “Still, Strong, and Brave.”  We are victorious!  These 3 chapters from Matthew, these 14 days of daily devotions, are designed to help us rediscover our spiritual Constitution–the God-given structure for our lives.  We can build our lives on the Rock!

My Hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ Blood and Righteousness.

I dare not trust the sweetest frame but wholly lean on Jesus’ name.

On Christ the Solid Rock I stand! All other ground is sinking sand.

All other ground is sinking sand.

Here is a 2-week devotional you can print out and consider time and again.  Why not spend a couple of weeks considering the most important and practical sermon of Jesus faithfully recorded for us by a reformed tax collector—14 days  on the mountain.

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14 Days on the Mountain

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